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What are 'Refillable,' 'Filled Refillable,' and 'Non-Refillable' Glass Candles?

 Our candle glass is available in three sizes - 

  • Pillar (8" x 2-3/8")
  • Apothecary (4-7/8" x 3-3/4")
  • Votive (2-3/8" x 1-3/4")

 Here you can see their size in comparison to each other.  

Pillar candle glass comes custom decorated with the design of your choice -

  • 'Non-Refillable' is filled with wax for one-time use only and burns approximately 90+ hours.
  • 'Refillable' comes with our 'Refill System Set' which includes: 2 unscented metal-based tea lights and 1 votive glass insert.
    • With the Refill System Set, you can reuse these candles for 1,000+ hours (using 250 tea lights, which each burn for 4+ hours indoors)

Pillar 'Non-Refillable'

Pillar 'Refillable'
with Votive Glass Insert

(marked so you
can easily see it)

including Tea Light

Pillar 'Non-Refillable'
(notice design is
more tapered at edges)

Pillar 'Refillable'
(without Votive
Glass Insert)

Apothecary candle glass comes decorated to order -

  • 'Refillable'  comes with our 'Refill System Set' which includes: 2 unscented metal-based tea lights, 1 votive glass insert. 
    • With the Refill System Set, you can reuse these candles for 1,000+ hours (using 250 tea lights, which each burn for 4+ hours indoors)
  • 'Filled Refillable'  is filled with white or colored scented wax that will burn 60+ hours. Also includes a glass lid.
    • With purchase of our 'Refill System Set' - $3.00 that includes: 2 unscented metal-based tea lights, 1 votive glass insert, you can reuse these candles for 1,000+ hours (using 250 tea lights, which each burn for 4+ hours indoors)
 Apothecary 'Refillable' Undecorated
 with Votive Glass Insert

 (marked so you can easily see it)
 including Tea Light

 Apothecary 'Filled Refillable'
 Undecorated with Lid

Votive candle glass come decorated to order -

  • 'Refillable' comes empty, with 2 unscented metal-based tea lights. We recommend using our metal-based tea lights to prevent breakage cause by the candle flame. More details can be found in our "Multi-Use Common Glass Candle" booklet, which also details successful usage of 'Refillable' candles every time.
 Votive 'Refillable' Undecorated
 (same as Votive Glass Insert)
 Metal-Based Tea Light

All Golden Raven glass candles can be used over and over with our 'Refill System Set,' recycled and redecorated through cooperating retail stores that showcase our product. This provide 1,000+ additional hours of use, so the overall cost savings to the end user is of amazing practical value. 

'Refillable' candles are much easier to clean and they all have a significant fire safety factor greater than most of the other larger candles on the market because of our recessed candle flame. This is all fully described in exact detail in our "Multi-Use Common Glass Candle" booklet, which also contains many unknown, amazing secrets about burning all types of candles, fire safety information, and how to avoid a woodpeckers headache of cleaning used wax out of any glass candle you purchase. Golden Ravens 'Refillable' candle glass also has a marvelous ecological element as they can all be redecorated and recycled to enjoy for many years. Please look carefully at the 'Refillable' candle glass of Golden Ravens as this is designed to be refilled. More in the booklet.

The long-term dollar value on these when you burn them 1,000+ hours saves 3 to 10 times the cost of any other candles available for purchase today from any other store. And I also factor into this what I say is the significant value of 'Your Time,' which you save plenty with Golden Ravens innovative, new 'Refillable' candles.

There are limited quantities on some of these designs. All designs are subject to prior sale

You will find all your other questions answered in our candle glass booklets, which are offered individually with a money back guarantee.

'Lifetime Candle Glass' Vessels

  • If you love candles and beautiful designs, invest in our outstanding, decorated candles assembled with or constructed from our 'Lifetime Candle Glass.' Each 'Lifetime Candle Glass' vessel can literally endure a lifetime of use if correct and proper care is applied, as they will not break under normal candle burning conditions. You get a Lifetime Guarantee Certificate with each one purchased. Order my booklet, "Golden Ravens Graphic Arts Presents: Care of Your Lifetime Candle Glass Vessel," and your endless enjoyment and appreciation of our candles as you use and reuse them will be ensured, which covers the price of the booklet a hundred-times over! There are surprising details in this booklet about why 'Lifetime Candle Glass' is a hundred-times safer than any wax candle and most common glass candles available anywhere on the market. The booklet also tells you how to get much more use out of many candles you burn. There also are details on how you can custom scent your own candles. In essence, the booklet saves you the disappointment that many people have when something beautiful they own is lost by accident. 'Lifetime Candle Glass' is European, not from China. You can burn candles and enjoy them for 60+ plus years with a 'Lifetime Candle Glass' vessel - which is more than 50,000 hours! A timeless heirloom glass piece like many glass treasures in antique shops today. We have condensed hundreds of hours of candle-burning related research and explain it to you simply and briefly in this small booklet. See Candle Accessories for this booklet under and more refreshing, honest details. 
 Pillar 'Refillable' Undecorated
 'Lifetime Candle Glass'

 (comes with Certificate of Authenticity)

 Custom made with the design of your  choice. Can also be used with a  'Lifetime Candle Glass' Votive Insert  for Greater Fire Safety.

 Special order only - $18.00
 Plus Decoration Charge.

 Votive 'Refillable' Undecorated
 Hand-Made 'Lifetime Candle Glass'
comes with Certificate of Authenticity)

 Insert Comes 'As Is' or C
ustom Made  with the design of your choice.
pecial order only - $12.00
 Plus Decoration Charge.

Only Gold Rose Collection and Timeless Artisan Collection pillar and apothecary are also available as decorated 'Lifetime Candle Glass' vessels. You may also purchase 'Lifetime Candle Glass' vessels votive inserts. See Candle Accessories and Important Information. We are flexible - we can custom order anything your heart desires if you pay for it!