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Read this first...

I realize that I'm trying to interest you in something which you may be totally unconscious of in your present life- your Soul and God the Father who created your Soul as well as your body. With your body you also get a Soul and Aura that is connected within you and your consciousness by cords to your inner body. Your Soul is: your conscious mind, your consciousness, your unconscious mind, your emotions, your thoughts, your memories, and your psychic centers(chakras- you have seven of them), and your Aura.You can see pictures of these on my website you scroll down to the bottom of the classes I have drawings which I made for you from first hand experience in part. I explain all this in full detail with plenty of pictures in the classes on the above mentioned website.

Because many of you are unconscious of your Soul, as well as the Creator of your Soul (God- Holy Sun) you tend to ignore it most of your life. Religions, spiritual organizations, modern New Age Teachings, and books written by them like the Holy Bible, the Koran, Eastern Wisdom, Buddhists Teachings, and Yoga Philosophy don't give people the essentials to work with to develop a significant inner life that will help you feed your Soul and help it to evolve.

Unlike food for your body which has to be chewed and digested and assimilated food(Light and Love) for your Soul can be consciously taken into your chakras and sent back out immediately. This is how your soul is nurtured 24 hours a day. It does not happen automatically.

We need personal support and guidance till we can independently be conscious of nurturing our Soul as well as offering our Light and Love to the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth. Being independently conscious, means that we also take independent daily action on behalf of all three Entities mentioned in the last sentence.

Now these two inner tasks to become independently conscious and take action on this requires a continuity that we have to cultivate with care and attention on a regular basis. Just like the body we eventually grow up and learn how to feed ourselves spiritually.

You need to act on this long enough to become independently active on behalf of your Soul and the Creator(God) as well as the Blessed Mother Earth on a daily basis.

Let's come back to the present reality of your life where I am meeting you in this small leaflet. You may have children, a wife or husband, a day job, an apartment or house you live in as well as a car and friends and family or pets which all require your time and attention. And you eat three meals a day. Then you have your personal leisure interests with music,reading, watching TV, or the computer or golf or drinking beer or working out at the gym or making jewelry or cooking. All these things tied together make a full life(or so it seems) that you go to bed at the end of the day. No mention of feeding your soul. After taking care of your personal necessities you maybe have a couple of free hours each day.

Just like you can't feed your body in five minutes once a week the same thing is true of your Soul.

The years pass, consumed largely by your own personal selfish responsibilities,oh, maybe you go to church once or twice a week. None of this significantly feeds or nurtures your Soul because it is only done by consciously drawing in and sending out your Light and Love. It does not happen any other way. And it's very easy to cast all of this aside and personally forget what I'm trying to share with you because you are unconscious of something that you neither see nor feel nor hear so you may figure it doesn't matter that much. But go outside in the daytime and look at the vast world of Light and the Holy Sun and your Soul can see and feel this Majestic Cosmic Holy Being and This Ones' Light any time you do this. You just need to make an effort to consciously respond-this cultivates the spirituality of your Soul and your Consciousness.

And even to know mentally and intellectually and spiritually that God is the Holy Sun can be easily swept under the carpet of your conscious mind and forgotten. This is a great mystery, how can we dismiss a Holy Being-God who fills our world with the Light and Love and Inspiration and Healing every day even keeps us alive- no food is not the only thing that keeps us alive? And lots of people I know dismiss the Holy Warmth of the Heart of God which is the heat we feel from the Holy Sun with the words, “It's a terribly hot day , you shouldn't be out in the Sun too long.” This is a negative attitude. The key word here is intense. People are afraid of getting overwhelmed. As a man I like being overwhelmed because I know if I do these things in a balanced way I will be returned to the amalgamated integrity of my life.

Your Spirit will eventually give you some strength and guidance in your inner spiritual life if you develop the relationship with your Spirit. I have spent 20 years developing that relationship because I didn't put enough time into it in one or two years.

Actually the relationship between your Soul and your Spirit and the Creator is a ardent much sought after Goal in the East where they do have a personal introduction to an inner life in their childhood. Because your Spirit is there as one of your Chakras(psychic centers- the one of the top of your head not down below your belly button where most men constantly have their whole life centered), We do not have a direct connection consciously with our Soul or our Spirit or the Creator consciously or the Blessed Mother Earth.

Now we know from our own personal life that you have to train a dog for six months just to get it to obey. Those of us who have close personal friends or a good marriage know that we had to put a lot of time into it and a lot of conversation and care and attention- that is if we do it. And it has to be done in the right way or we don't have any friends or we get a divorce. With the inner world and your Spirit and Soul the same thing is true but it works under a totally different frame of reference. You do not have long cozy friendly conversations with your Spirit. No I am wrong I've had them. And they were worthless in a way because they lacked practical sincerity. And you absolutely do not have long wonderful blissful rambling conversations with God.

You develop your relationship with God by Praying selflessly. “Give me” prayers are selfish and not worth much. I don't think I said a “give me” prayer in 40 years. But I have done the Eighth Blessings from the Twelve Blessings at least 200 times totally memorized by heart. This brings tremendous colossal power to your Soul Food. Think about it, I'm not gonna tell you why.

So if you throw something away, because you don't want to deal with it, throw away the introductory leaflet, that's why it is not stapled into the brochure. I give you a second chance. If you need to because your conscious mind feels that way throw away the leaflet and keep the brochure. Then if you read the brochure again in a couple months or a year you might think I wish I had that introductory leaflet to read again. This will be a good sign.

This is what shamanic means- I am directing connecting with your consciousness your heart and your soul as well as your Spirit and the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth. It is not an intellectual experience to conveniently forget. The words are a living Reality no Religions teach clearly today If you use your Shamanic Article to develop the care and attention of your consciousness to your inner life over a period of time you would definitely get significant results. I know because I have gotten them.

What I have told you here about the Creator, the Blessed Mother Earth and your Soul is not common disseminated knowledge in any Orthodox religion in the world. Carefully read the required material otherwise these Truths can put you at a serious profound risk to yourself if you don't apply them as so directed. Contrary to popular belief the Creator will not modify its Presence as the Holy Sun to personally suit you.

I would say I think I've explained things enough for the average person. For those people who meditate every day and who do selfless service for 30 or 40 hours a week you ought to read the brochure three or four times. Because world conditions are not changing and we are going downhill in a sea of darkness because of those 167 hours a week in your life where you are not consciously sending out any Light on a daily basis. I know a lot of people who rationalize everything I've written here and conveniently marginalize it. I feel this small leaflet grasps your life and sets you down right in the first few pages of this leaflet and brochure if you read them five or six times and act on what I wrote and live today. Go to the website and read and output the important classes onto paper because this is the only way you will learn and practice these things.