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Golden Ravens Candles & Gifts welcomes you and wishes you Happy Holidays! We are available via eBay (see '2012gregmills' - excellent seller rating under Collectables!) and part of Golden Ravens Graphic Arts, a classic, old world artisan studio which fully embraces modern technology. We have been offering goods to you, our appreciated clients, since 1975. We have items for individuals from all walks of life; for the working class and the wealthy.

Much of our stationery and art prints we lithographed ourselves. All of our candles are custom decorated by hand. This meticulous, intensive process makes our prices more expensive, as we are a small business. Still, the price is reasonable as many of our candles cost less than three cups of exotic coffee, and while that coffee will be gone in minutes, the candles will be enjoyed for a lifetime. So, I appreciate your support, as customer loyalty is the backbone of all small business.What we are proudly presenting here are 'Refillable' candles that you can refill and enjoy the design for 10 years at least and a 'Lifetime Candle Glass' vessel that you can enjoy for 40 years because it is unbreakable European glass.  

Golden Ravens Graphic Arts offers the following personal and business services: corporate gift purchasing, individual gift consultation, custom decoration of gift items, fundraisers, wholesale and retail priced purchases, and opportunities for franchise and acquisition of individual aspects of Golden Ravens Candles & Gifts. Golden Ravens is a recession proof business because no matter what the economy is, everyone has a few dollars for an item of personal enjoyment. The old business joke is that you don't pay for the conversation, so browse our wares til your hearts content. We have also designed our online store to not compete with our retail outlets by offering a structured price spread. Please contact me directly if you prefer to pay by cash or check. 

As a spiritual businessman, your overall experience with me will be friendly, honest and considerate or we will go our separate ways amicably. I expect mutual trust, ethics, and practical respect. As always if you kill a Raven that lays the golden egg, or try to pluck feathers out of it, you get a lot less than nothing. My profits go toward sharing a conscious relationship with the Mother Earth and Creator, and a practical renaissance of loving human care for humanity.

We would like you to take a look inside, you will be richly rewarded if you like these styles and designs.This website takes some extra effort but there is practical significant benefit for everyone if you look and read very carefully. 

We believe in mutually considerate communication, so you may call us at anytime for information about our products. Do leave a window of opportunity for me to return the call if I am not available. I don't text and very much prefer phone calls to email.

Thank you for visiting Golden Ravens Candles & Gifts, online or off!


 Gregory Mills  
Founder, Golden Ravens Graphic Arts